Unique Features of UnicoNFT Yet To Be Seen By The NFT Community

The NFT mania has brought marketplaces that help creators and collectors to navigate the complex blockchain space. Like all NFT marketplaces, UnicoNFT is also a platform for buying, creating, and selling digital artwork, including in-gaming items, digital paintings, domain names, cards, and everything that can be tied to a blockchain network. However, what makes the platform stand out in the crowd is its astounding features that are yet to be seen by the community. Of course, the functionalities like multi-chain minting, low transactions, and a great UI experience serve the paramount experience required for an NFT marketplace.

But, there is much more in the store for creators and collectors. Let’s deep dive into some of the exceptional features of UnicoNFT:

Bitcoin As A Payment Currency

Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency that the crypto community has long been HODLing to! Yet, no NFT marketplace that exists today supports it as a payment currency. It means the holders have no choice but to convert BTC into a supported currency to buy an NFT, which requires paying a humongous network fee for the conversion.

Like the whole crypto community, UnicoNFT also believes in Bitcoin and the value it brings to the ecosystem. Supporting BTC as a payment option for buying NFTs is a major step towards growing both the NFT and Bitcoin markets. Users no longer have to pay a major fee for converting their long-held BTC to get hands-on their favorite piece of digital item.

Furthermore, UnicoNFT is working towards adding more payment options than BTC, ETH, and its native token LTNM. Shortly, we can see the addition of BNB and MATIC — using which collectors can buy NFTs.

Social Verification of Participants

Today, no platform has a way to verify its participants, nor is anyone working towards adding such a feature that can identify the real-world identity of its users. The ones who have added the process of manual verification aren’t reliable as they use third-party verification methods. This has opened up a security gap in such marketplaces that scammers and hackers have been seen exploited in recent years. For example, a report by WSJ shows that some malicious actors have been seen forging artwork, using stolen credit card numbers, and using other phishing schemes to take advantage of legit users.

UnicoNFT understands that it is a major issue that needs immediate attention so no one falls prey to such scams and that each creator is selling authorized art while collectors receive what they actually pay for. So, it has added a feature wherein creators can link their social networking platforms to their UnicoNFT account. The more platforms one has linked, the better is their profile.

Currently, UnicoNFT supports the linking of Twitter and Instagram while the support to link Facebook and LinkedIn will be added shortly. On the other hand, collectors are verified before they purchase an item on the platform that ensures only legitimate users are utilizing the services of UnicoNFT.

Amplifying the Fan Base

This one is for creators, especially those who struggle with the marketing of their NFTs to the community.

A major problem that creators face nowadays is how to promote their work. If you’re a celebrity or have hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter or Discord, it becomes easier to put the word out. When you’re just starting out or have no social media presence, showcasing your NFT to the targeted user base can be challenging. Besides, unless you have a separate budget for a marketing campaign, it’s difficult to build a community of collectors to sell your digital work.

To solve this concern, UnicoNFT has introduced a concept called “Fan-Based Economy”. In order to understand the concept, it’s equally crucial to know that any NFT platform including UnicoNFT has five participants — buyers, sellers, active participants, influencers, and passive users. While buyers and creators profit from reselling and selling digital items, there is no way for a platform to reward the active participants and influencers for their contribution to an NFT marketplace.

However, with UnicoNFT’s Fan-based economy, the platform can measure the actions of both active participants and influencers. As soon as they amplify the value of artwork via commenting, sharing, or via other promotional methods, the platform measures it and rewards them according to the value they bring to UnicoNFT. Another way included by the platform to support the participants is the tipping feature.

Tipping the Creators

You might have heard about it when Twitter launched a similar functionality of tipping the users in crypto. The deal is simple. If you like someone’s tweet or want to support someone, you go to their Twitter profile and send them cryptos. But, the process isn’t as easy as it looks. Each time you tip, you are required to go to a third-party app and then give permission from your wallet. Tipping a large sum can make sense but going through this process can be cumbersome for someone wanting to tip a small amount like $2 or $5.

Tipping with UnicoNFT is much simpler. All you need is a UnicoNFT account, a wallet, and some amount in your wallet. The tipping tab is added to each profile and with just one click, you can tip any amount to your favorite creator or influencer. If you are using MetaMask or some other wallet, with one more step, you can confirm the transaction, and your tips are sent.

Another advantage offered by UnicoNFT is if you tip its native token LTNM, you don’t have to pay any network fee and the transaction can be confirmed in less than 5 seconds.

Ending Thoughts

The world of NFTs is just starting. As a true connoisseur of the NFT marketplace, UnicoNFT aims to address the major concerns surrounding all the hype while offering a state-of-the-art experience to the community.

The addition of these four important features is the first step towards the vision as the platform works on including other functionalities that further safeguard the NFT environment and make it easier for creators and collectors to get on the bandwagon. Stay around to learn more about the developments as we explore the multi-dimensional world of NFTs.




Unico is the world’s first Bitcoin-enabled, multi-chain NFT marketplace where NFTs can be purchased using BTC or Bitcoin Latinum cryptocurrencies.

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Unico is the world’s first Bitcoin-enabled, multi-chain NFT marketplace where NFTs can be purchased using BTC or Bitcoin Latinum cryptocurrencies.

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